V groove router bits generate a v-shaped account along the length of your work surface. They’re made use of to produce signs and also text, engrave in wood plaques, or add attractive accents to millwork. They’re also excellent for developing chamfers as well as bevels when integrated with an edge overview. You can pick from a number of various angles, cutting diameters and also shank dimensions to meet your needs. V groove bits can be found in solid carbide or Whiteside brazed carbide insert devices as well as are designed for usage with hand-held, table-mounted or CNC routers.
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Our v-bits have a flat bottom which permits them to dive right into product without splintering it. They’re functional for a great deal of different materials, consisting of hardwoods as well as softer carving materials like plywood. You can choose a bit with a reduced angle to get more information or a higher angle for faster cutting and also deeper grooves. Some have a fishtail on the end for much more specific plunge cuts in filching.