If your house has a centralized a/c system, the major lines connecting your house to the outdoor condenser unit can be found in two selections: a smaller fluid line and the bigger suction pipe. The liquid line releases heat with the copper piping and really feels warm to the touch. The suction pipe is much cooler to the touch and lugs cooled down refrigerant that leaves the condenser to cool your residence. Its insulation isn’t needed to release warmth, but it does need to be shielded from damage that might occur beyond the pipe, like rocks kicked by mower or squirrels scraping at the pipe.

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To protect your air conditioning suction line, start by determining its length with a tape measure as well as cut a suitably sized foam pipeline insulation sleeve to fit around it comfortably. Add regarding a half-inch to the measurement length to make up for any contraction as well as expansion of the pipe, after that slip it over the line. Make use of a small brush of ArmaFlex 520 BLV adhesive to secure the joint, after that push it with each other. If making use of unslit sleeves, apply protecting tape along the slit to secure it and afterwards press the sides of the sleeve together to join them.