Spiral flush trim router little bit supply a knifelike finish on your work surface. flush trim bit for dados, rabbets, as well as grooves in both handheld as well as table-mounted transmitting applications. The crucial difference in between them and straight little bits is that spiral bits cut at a shear angle rather of a cutting angle, which reduces burning, resonance, tearout, as well as various other undesirable impacts.

spiral down cut router bit up-cut spiral little bits are excellent for flush trim and pattern applications, either freehand or in a router table with the template above the stock. The geometry of these little bits pulls the workpiece toward the bit, so they’re a terrific choice for materials that have a tendency to chip out (like extremely figured wood or veneers). For cuts on the top surface, make use of down-cut bits, which press the work far from the router in both overhand as well as table-mounted applications.

flattening router bit of down- and up-cut little bits is finest for pattern directing, allowing you to conveniently switch over the alignment of your stock or stay clear of hazardous climb cuts. We provide both short groove as well as long groove variations of these little bits.