RCA 25425RE1 na 1-Handset 4-Line Landline Telephone

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Top Positive Review

I was a bit iffy about buying this phone, but for the price and what it offered you could not find a better deal out in the market. After receiving the phone and seen what it offered I was amazed. I mean its not every day anyone would buy a RCA product when there a lot better brands out there. I couldn’t help noticing on the phone has the label, ViSYS who maked the phone for RCA.

Every 4 line phone out in the market was well over $200. This phone is great for a home business that has no more then 4 lines. I love the looks and color of the display and what it offers. The sound is amazing, and the best part is running as many as 16 wireless handsets or headsets to the phone. The quality in hardware is very good so you can tell the phone and the buttons on the phone are very strong and sturdy and meant to last.

Top Critical Review

This is a decent set for small businesses. We have five people who use phones at our company and this setup works fine. We like being able to ring to other people and talk to them over the speaker. I don’t know if it is a phone issue or phone service provider issue but if you are talking to someone on line 1 and you get a phone call on line 2, the ring for line 2 blocks out your conversation on line 1 so if someone is telling you something important, you can’t even hear them talking while line 2 is ringing. Everything else seems to work fine on these phones.
We have used these phones for four years and have returned/exchanged at least five of them to the manufacturer because they will stop working instantly and without warning. The last one I had went to a blank screen on the display and no buttons would respond at all. That’s my real issue with these phones. You always have to keep a spare on hand for when they quit. The warranty is great though, and the customer service people never give us any grief over returning the phones. That is why I gave these 3 stars. If the warranty service wasn’t so good, I’d probably rate them 2 stars on the phone alone.

Customer Questions & Answers

Does RCA sell handset individually?
Answer: If you are referring to the reciever yes we do sell them as replacement parts, however they are currently out of stock. If you are referring to cordless handsets, there is a model H5401 that you can purchased seperatly. If you have any further questions feel free to contact RCA Tech Support at 1-800-511-3180 24/7.

Can calls be directed to voicemail when voicemail service is provided? How does an operator know a voicemail is waiting? How is voicemail retrieved?

Yes. This phone will support provider voicemail services. Once set up with provider you would need to ensure that the phones answering system is turned off. The phone will indicate that there is a voicemail by give a stutter sound when picking up receiver. In order to access the messages you would have to follow steps ??

Does each line have it’s own answering system? ie; Can you record a different mesage on each line??
Answer: No, this phone has one mailbox for all lines, so therefore it is one greeting for all. If you have any further questions feel free to contact RCA Tech Support at 1-800-511-3180 24/7.

Can you add a Bluetooth headset to this?
Answer: No, There is not a compatible bluetooth headset. You should be able to use any wired headset that has a 2.5 mm jack. If you have any further questions feel free to contact RCA Tech Support at 1-800-511-3180 24/7.

Can the volume on the answering machine itself be turned all the way down, to “mute”?
Answer: Yes, you can turn the answering system to mute. You will need to go to menu, then answering machine, then call screening. Turning this feature off will mute the audio when the answering system picks up. If you have any further questions feel free to contact RCA Tech Support at 1-800-511-3180 24/7.

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