Ornin 2-Line Corded Telephone Systems for Small Business and House

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Top Positive Review

I was very pleased with my interaction with Asurion. I had actually forgotten I had purchased the protection plan for an MP3 player, so am glad I checked through my orders. There was no “weaseling” or offering a substandard response. They immediately offered to refund the purchase price as it was clear the product couldn’t be fixed. I’ll definitely be adding them to future electronics purchases.

Top Critical Review

Total fraud in my opinion. they actually said over and over, after I read them their own website, ” Yea, but on our end it’s considered physical damage.”.

My shredder blade casing that is placed around the blades literally cracked in half, the blades chopped some of it up, and it was a workmanship malfunction. Asurion told me it was physical damage. They refused to look at the pictures or take the product in to examine it. They based it on me speculating that maybe a screw came loose inside the mechanism, when I was postulating how the plastic casing could have cracked in half on one side of the casing and prevented the shredder from being operable any further. Anyway… NEVER again will I buy from this fraud company. I will actually file a claim in small claims and sue–bring in their own wording and the top that shreds. They can get a judgment against them and fire the morons below the chain of decision for not processing it correctly. I consider this fraud. The best they could do was return what I paid for the protection plan? I declined, because if I do, there is no agreement valid anymore to get the cost of my shredder in small claims. I’m taking on the system here–I do NOT appreciate FRAUD. Asurion can go to Hades! I’m so sick of these gaslighting companies who say that what is right on their website and their own protection policy doesn’t actually apply to YOUR claim. Great. Hope you enjoy that judgement against you for $ 36.00–and the knock to your credit. I’ve got all the time in the world. It’s covid losers. All the time in the world.

Customer Questions & Answers

Este tel??fono tiene identificador de llamadas
Answer: Tiene el n??mero de la persona que llama, sin caracteres

Does a corded phone with caller id/call waiting emit emf’s?
Answer: IT does not show who is calling

is this analog or digital
Answer: It is a analog telephone.

Will this phone work went the power is out ?
Answer: Yes

Can you turn off ringer?
Answer: Yes. There is a ringer swtich to adjust the ringer High/low/Off.

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