Motorola CT610 Corded Telephone with Answering Machine and Advanced Call Blocking

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Top Positive Review

I am 100% impressed with how this phone works. IT REALLY BLOCKS ALL OF THE CALLS. I had to see it to believe it, but it honestly worked perfect! I had no idea there was a phone out there that could do this. Honestly…..I was getting about 5 – 7 robo calls a day. Now, not one has been able to get through. I know you don’t know me, but after you get this and set it up (so easy), you too will be able leave a great comment/review about this. All callers NOT in your phone directory call list, will get an automated message that says to say your name, and then hit a certain key (that you select). Once they do this, their call comes through and your phone then rings. When you answer, you hear their name they recorded, and you have an option to accept or block. If you pre-programmed their name in the phone, it will come right through. Robo callers etc…don’t understand the instructions when calling so they just get blocked.. In other words, they won’t leave their name and then press the required key on the keypad to get the call through to you. It is that simple. They phone is corded, but who cares….NO MORE ROBO CALLS!!

Top Critical Review

Incomprehensible (to me) instructions to set this up so I could actually use it.. Also, very flimsy, lightweight product IMHO. Handset can very easily be knocked off the base. Also, I am not particularly techno-savvy, so some of the incomprehensible (to me) instructions are probably my problem; however, you would think that Motorola could come up with easier set-up & operational instructions for those of us born before 1950. (I seem to have a problem with setting up electronics so maybe there should be an age restriction or a warning on some items…… other words, you can’t purchase a particular item [or are seriously advised against it], if you are over 50 years of age. LOL)

Customer Questions & Answers

Does this phone work when the power is out?


Many thanks for your question.

Does this phone have to be reprogrammed after a power outage?
Answer: Mine just needs the day and time re-set. I don’t use the call blocking feature so can’t answer about it. The phone book, ring tone, touch tone, and answering machine programming stay intact.

Does this phone have a message waiting indicator?
Answer: Yes, it has an intermittent beep (about every 5 seconds) to indicate a message. I also has a “block” button that works even if you answer a call. It will disconnect the call and block the number.

Why does it say the privacy of the call may not be ensured with this telephone?
Answer: I did not know this! Where does it say that????

Is this phone compatible with a digital phone line?
Answer: Yes

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