Hamburger Cheeseburger Burger Phone Telephone IN JUNO(Telephone)

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Nice looking phone which reminds me of the happy meal transformer toys from the early 90’s, the ones shaped liked french fries,hamburger, etc. Feels good in the hand, although it obviously is not built for long term comfort. This is a good fun phone to have for someone who relies primarily on their mobile phone, just to mix it up and be reminded not to take life too seriously. The phone was fully functional when I bought it, it remains fully functional 5 months later.

The one negative is that the brown coiled phone cord it comes with is made of a very cheap and unpliable plastic. It’s coiled, but is not springy and looks pretty bad. The first thing I did was replace it with a bright ketchup-red coiled cable I bought separately. This phone is easy to take apart and modify/repair, as long as you realize it is held together by screws which are concealed beneath stickers.

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I really wanted to love this phone, but it’s not as functional as I would like it to be. It’s super cute and I laugh every time someone in my house uses it (so that makes it worth it enough to keep), but it’s pretty uncomfortable to use for long. The volume of the speaker is really low, so you have to kind of press it to your ear to hear, and that gets uncomfortable quickly. Also, you can’t change the ring volume, and that is rather loud. Still, since everyone in my home has a cell phone, the landline is really just a back up, so I’m keeping this because it’s funny.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Is it a real phone
Answer: Well it’s certainly not a real cheeseburger.

Will it work in a blackout?
Answer: Yes. It is a landline phone, so it works regardless of electricity.

Does it come with everything needed to set it up?
Answer: Obvi you need a landline, but Yes. It??s fun and works great. No caller ID though. Old school phone but way cute

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