Google – Pixel 3a XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Purple-ish

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Capture stunning photos with features like night sight, portrait mode, and HDR+

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You can’t really get a decent accident plan at a good price. Given the cost (about 20% of purchase) its really a good plan for the $$ especially for full Accident protection. But… its can beva pretty big hassle to get the claim done. Don’t be in any rush to get your phone fixed or replaced. Its a slow process (not so much on the low cost phones) and they push a repair reimbursement first before replacement. If you can deal with the waiting (have a 2nd phone ready to switch to) then its definitely worth the cost to have the protection on a high risk product like a cell phone. Understand what it is and how it works. Its still better than those month to month plans that only pay off if it breaks right away.

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You will put in a lot of work and time to get your money out of this claim. I bought a remanufactured Samsung phone and purchased this insurance plan to cover it. When the phone began to malfunction I filed a claim and got no response, when I called a few days later to verify that they had received my claim I learned it was denied because “the phone was still covered under the manufacturers warranty.” Well, as I said, It’s a refurbished phone and I already checked with the manufacturer and the warranty had expired 6 months ago. After I explained this to the representative he asked me to refile the claim which I did. So this is day 4 without a phone.
5 days later, I got a pre-paid shipping label to return my phone to them which I did that day. It’s been a week now and still no word so I gave them a call. The representative told me “oh yes, we should have received your phone by now. I will update your claim right now. You should be hearing from us in 3 business days.”
So hopefully after 20 days without a phone, my claim will finally be funded. By the way, read the fine print, there’s a $50 deductible if they decide to accept your claim so after purchasing the insurance for $50 and paying a $50 deductible and spending at least an hour and a half collectively on hold during my 3 separate calls I’m not sure if the time and aggravation is worth the $150 check they’re hopefully going to send me to replace my $250 phone. I’m sure I’ll have to make another phone call in three business days to remind them to send me that check. Not impressed at all. Don’t think I’ll go this route again.
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Customer Questions & Answers

Does this phone require you to save photos on google drive or can you opt for just phone storage?
Answer: With the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL you are able to store your photos in the internal storage or through Google Drive. Also, you have free unlimited, high quality storage with your device.

Will this phone work with verizon?

This phone will NOT necessarily work on Verizon. I got it and my Verizon SIM card did not work in it. After a long time on the phone with Verizon and Google, it was determined that although the phone is supposed to be unlocked, it is actually locked to another carrier. This is apparently a known issue with some Pixel p??

I am a t-mobile customer – can i plug my existing galaxy j7 sim card into this phone or will i have t get a new one from t-mobile?
Answer: This is an unlocked phone and will support a nano SIM. For more information on how to switch to a Pixel 3a device, please visit

Does rhe pixel 3A have wireless charging?
Answer: No, Pixel 3a and 3a XL devices do not support wireless charging.

Is this phone compatible with cspire?

Compatible? Probably, but it looks like C Spire has some of their own towers (?). I imagine that they have an agreement with one of The Four for roaming, but I wasn’t able to find a concrete source.

It would probably best to ask them, else switch to an MVNO on Verizon or AT&T or T-mobile (depending on your area; I p??

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