Big Button Phone for Seniors – Corded Landline Telephone – One-Touch Dialling for Visually Impaired – Amplified Ringer with Loud Speaker for Hearing Impaired

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I used the protection plan I bought for my daughter’s mp3 player. It was a bit difficult to figure out where and how to implement the protection plan. You have to go to your amazon orders, search for the protection plan, copy the order number for the item you bought it for, go to the asurion website, type it in and then go through the process. Amazon should have a specific place in your account for protection plans that you purchase. Maybe they do and I just don’t know it! I tried looking though and had to go back through to find it in my order list.

Top Critical Review

Claim denied. Got amazon involved and they seemed to have fixed the problem. Amazon rep called Asurion and arranged for them to cover the item. Then got an email from Asurion saying send documentation which I did. Email back saying they wouldn??t cover the item ( A Razer corded Mouse). I spent an hour on this with Amazon and Asurion. What a waste of time Save your money.. Worthless warranty. NEVER AGAIN..

Customer Questions & Answers

Is there a on/off ringer switch…need to turn off ringer
Answer: The TerryPhone ringer volume has 3 x settings; OFF-LO-HI

To switch the ringer off use the black switch found on the right side of the phone beneath memory picture buttons. Switch this to the left – OFF position

can this phone be plugged into an Internet router or does it require a common land line?
Answer: The phone needs to be plugged into a standard/common telephone landline socket

How can I increase the number of rings?
Answer: I think that??s something you??d set with your answering machine or voicemail account. If you don??t have one of those set up, the phone should keep ringing until the caller hangs up.

What is meant by two touch phone calls?

It??s a way to save extra numbers as speed dial option. I didn??t set this feature up and I don??t have the instructions anymore to check, but I think I remember the details… You can assign a phone number to each digit button, so that when you press the auto button and then that digit button, it dials that assigned phon??

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