If you’re searching for a charming, fun and incredibly easy Easter card, then this Carrot Eating Easter Bunny makes certain to please! It’s also the ideal means to obtain creative and also customize your Easter message this year!
The Easter bunny is among one of the most recognizable icons of the Easter vacation. It’s not simply a cute photo, but it is additionally the beginning of lots of practices associated with Easter. These consist of paint eggs as well as hunting for baskets packed with tasty deals with.
rabbit stuffed toy
It is an incredibly popular practice that dates back to pagan times and is still held today by both Christian and also non-Christian youngsters alike. Actually, rabbits have been discovered to be the earliest pet symbol of Easter.
Commonly, bunnies were associated with fertility and wealth. They were also thought to have healing powers as well as were viewed as a symbol of hope, delight and prosperity in the Spring season.
In the modern world, bunnies are usually dealt with as pet dogs and also are gone on a vegan diet plan. While carrots are a staple in their diet plan, they need to only be offered in small amounts to keep them healthy and balanced.
This rabbit is made from a resin as well as will certainly be a great enhancement to your home decoration for Easter. It has a brown coat with a green bow as well as is holding a basket of carrots on his back.

The bunny is very soft as well as snuggly and will look lovable on your mantel or table top. It is additionally the ideal size for little hands to hold.
To make this card, you will certainly require some paper, scissors, a pen and also some adhesive. You can also add some shake eyes and a pom pom nose if you intend to make it additional cute!
For the rabbit, you will certainly require 2 pieces of white cardstock and also 2 pieces of orange cardstock. You will certainly likewise require a 1″ hole strike and also some white cardstock for the paws. You can make use of a pen to make use of the rabbit’s face, or you can utilize the design templates consisted of in this post to eliminate some adorable ears as well as hairs!
1. Trace the carrot theme on the orange piece of cardstock. 2. Fold over the orange item and after that fold over the top piece of the carrot card. You will be left with a carrot that is folded in half and will certainly open up so you can create your message inside.
Easter bunny with carrot
3. Glue the rabbit head to the back of the carrot card and also include 2 tiny googly eyes to it.